Optional Wedding Day Services

Optional Wedding Supplies & Services

Flowers For Your Wedding Day and Reception

If you need flowers for your wedding day then you’ve definitely come to the right people. We specialise in bride and bridesmaid bouquets, Groom’s boutonniere, tossing bouquet, floral crowns and hair flowers, table decorations and much more.

We’re happy to take your colour palette and create something spectacular for you.

Or, if you already know what you would like then please let us know. You could even email some photos of designs and styles that you love. Although our wedding cruise will already be decorated in our standard designs, we all know that flowers really make a difference. Alternatively, if you have already organised your own florist that’s fine. We’ll work with them to arrange your flowers exactly as you intended.

Flowers are fresh each day. And, will be prepared, in many cases, on the day of your wedding.

Sometimes, we may have to prepare them the day before. Rest assured, they will be perfect for your big day, being stored in ideal conditions to keep the flowers fresher for longer.

Flowers For Your Wedding Day and Reception on Nafsika II | Cyprus Mini Cruises


Wedding Day and Reception Photographer & Videographer on Nafsika II | Cyprus Mini Cruises

Wedding Day and Reception Photographer & Videographer

We have a great photographer and videographer with years of experience in wedding photography. They create stunning scenes, both formal and informal that will ensure you’ll have something marvellous to reminisce about for all the years to come.

The photographer takes approximately 500-600 photos of your wedding day and reception. They will sympathetically retouch all those photos that really make a statement about your wedding day. This creative touch is atmospheric and romantic.

Your photos will be ready approximately 30-40 days following your special day. You’ll get secure access online to all your photos. And, when you’ve decided those that you want – the photographers will dispatch a memory stick as a back-up of your special day.

The Essentials

Hair & Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Probably one of the most crucial things you’ll be thinking about on your special day. Relax. Our team of hairdressers and beauticians will transform your hair, makeup and nails into whatever style you desire.

They will help you to prepare for your wedding in the comfort of your own home or hotel. If you already have an appealing style into which you wish to transform – let us know. Send us a photo of your hair now, and how you would like it to look on the day.

Our nail technicians will give you an amazing manicure and can add designs, in gel and shellac. We can advise on how to get the most out of your makeup for a warmer and humid climate experienced here in Cyprus.

Wedding Day Hair, Makeup and Nails | Cyprus Mini Cruises

Spectacular Entertainment

Entertainment For Your Wedding Reception

If you haven’t already chosen your entertainment for your reception; we can help. We can arrange for Traditional Cypriot music, Classical, Jazz or up-to-date modern music to be performed live at your reception. If you have other requirements, such as dancers, magicians or other performers no problem, just let us know.

If you have already organised your entertainers and wish to bring them with you; please let us know so that we can ensure they will be found a suitable area onboard in which to perform.

Wedding Day and Reception Entertainment on Nafsika II | Cyprus Mini Cruises

Go Unlimited

Happy Hours at your Reception.

A huge and unlimited selection of local Beer & Wine, Spirits and Soft Drinks are available as part of our happy hour service. All prices are per person.

Wedding Day and Reception Entertainment on Nafsika II | Cyprus Mini Cruises

Looking for something spectacular? How about Fireworks launched directly from the boat?

It really is an unforgettable scene, either at the beginning or at the end of your day onboard.

Fireworks are licensed by the Government of Cyprus and the firework display is managed by our professional pyrotechnic partners; who are also the designated fire officer on board. They will be safely launched from the bow or from the stern of the boat.

Please note: we need quite a bit of notice (around 7 weeks) if you wish to have fireworks at your wedding reception in Cyprus.