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Dolphin Video 'Off the Bow' Latchi Boat Trip - Cyprus Mini Cruises

Dolphin Video Latchi Boat Trip

There is a wealth of wildlife in the sea and on the land surrounding Cyprus. Majestic Dolphin, Loggerhead and Green Turtle, Monk Seal and more.

This video was shot last year of dolphin “off-the-bow” it’s enough to make your heart melt. If you’re lucky, you might spot any of these amazing animals on one of our cruises. Whilst we cannot guarantee what you will see and when. Rest-assured other boats in the area will be straight on the radio if they spot any of these beautiful creatures.

Bottlenose dolphins, the genus Tursiops, are the most common and well-known members of the family Delphinidae, the family of oceanic dolphin.[1] Recent molecular studies show the genus contains two species, the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus), instead of one. Research in 2011 revealed a third species, the Burrunan dolphin (Tursiops australis). Bottlenose dolphins inhabit warm and temperate seas worldwide. They live in all oceans except for the Arctic and Antarctic Circle area.

Bottlenose dolphins live in groups typically of 10–30 members, called pods, but group size varies from single individuals up to more than 1,000. Their diets consist mainly of forage fish. Dolphins often work as a team to harvest fish schools, but they also hunt individually. Dolphins search for prey primarily using echolocation, which is similar to sonar. They emit clicking sounds and listen for the return echos to determine the location and shape of nearby items, including potential prey. Bottlenose dolphins also use sound for communication, including squeaks and whistles emitted from the blowhole and sounds emitted through body movements, such as leaping from the water and slapping their tails on the water surface.

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Nafsika II and Koulla sail daily from Latchi Harbour along the Akamas Coastline to the Blue Lagoon. Join us!



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