Nafsika II Morning

Latchi Harbour, Opposite Yiangos & Peter (Y&P) Hotel and Restaurant.

Latchi Harbour, Opposite Yiangos & Peter (Y&P) Hotel and Restaurant.

Please arrive at the Harbour by 10.15am
we will leave promptly at 10.30

Cruise Details

Prices: Adults €20 | Children (5-12 years) €10

Our menu included in the price:

Fresh Seasonal Fruits
Local Wine (Red or White) and Orange Squash
Free snorkelling equipment 🙂

If you need additional help, are disabled, or have a large party coming, please let us know in advance. We will ensure that your cruise is trouble-free, relaxing and enjoyable.

If you have any questions, please get in touch: + 357 99 302 879 or + 357 99 400 660
or email us on:

We are here to help, and looking forward to sailing with you!

If you are interested in taking a cruise with us, please email us on: and we will get back to you with availability.

Remember to tell us which boat (Nafsika II or Koulla) you wish to travel on and the date you would like to come.  Your phone number would also be really useful.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance at all please get in touch.

NAFSIKA II - Latchi Boat Trip with Cyprus Mini Cruises

Enjoy Fresh Seasonal Fruits and soft drinks included

What will you see?

During the cruise you’ll visit the Baths of Aphrodite, Saint George’s island, the sea caves at Manolis bay, Blaji bay, Fontana Amoroza and the famous Blue Lagoon. We stop at Blue Lagoon for swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

Getting to Latchi

Check out the ‘map’ above, or use google maps and search for “Akamas Cyprus Mini Cruises” you can also get to Latchi by bus. As follows: 618 Paphos Harbour to Karavella : 645 Karavella to Polis : 622 Polis to Latchi. Or, 648 Coral Bay to Polis : 622 Polis to Latchi

How to Get Around

When you’re not crusing, or eating with us, why not hire a quad bike, motorcycle or car from our friends and partners. Latchi is a beautiful little village and harbour. Once you visit, you’ll find it hard to leave again.