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Thousands of satisfied customers have cruised with us and are left with memories that last a lifetime. We’ll ensure that you have an enjoyable and authentic Cypriot experience. Our hospitality and safety is well known. So join us, and meet people you will never forget; for a day you will always remember!

VIP Cruise on the Akamas Peninsula

VIP Cruise on the breathtaking Serenity Kallia, our superyacht moored in Latchi Harbour.

Serenity Kallia is a Sunseeker Manhattan 54. A 16.5-meter luxury motor yacht, with 7 berths in 4 cabins and 3 washrooms. The design and layout with the galley away from the main cabin make it a unique and an exclusive yacht. The yacht provides excellent accommodation. A beautiful yacht on which to enjoy a VIP Cruise in Cyprus.

The Master Cabin is palatial and romantic. You’ll be welcomed onboard where drinks and hors d’oeuvres are provided free of charge. Including Champagne, chocolates and flowers. The perfect venue for a truly luxurious VIP Cruise.

Furthermore, we will provide a sumptuous menu for all times of the day. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Whenever you choose to take a VIP Cruise, there will be time for a swim in any of the spectacular bays around the Akamas Peninsula. And, when it’s time to return to dry land a limousine will be waiting to carry you in style to your home, hotel, or flight.

VIP Cruise Latchi | Nafsika II and Serenity Kallia
VIP Cruise Latchi | Nafsika II and Serenity Kallia

Don’t forget to ask us if you have any special requests or additional services that you would like to include on an exclusive VIP Cruise. We are here to help, and looking forward to sailing with you!

If you need additional help, are disabled, or have a large party coming, please let us know in advance. We will ensure that your cruise is trouble-free, relaxing and enjoyable.

Lastly, if you have any questions, please get in touch: + 357 99 302 879 or + 357 99 400 660 or email

The Akamas Peninsula | Cyprus Mini Cruises

The Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas peninsula covers about 230 square kilometres and interestingly, it is named after the mythical son of Theseus (a hero of Greek legend known for slaying a man-beast). Fortunately for tourists and for those who want to go cruising in this fascinating region, it has remained untouched by the rapid property development that has taken hold in Cyprus…

Read more about the Akamas Peninsula by clicking HERE

Coronavirus: Covid-19 Procedures at Cyprus Mini Cruises

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to open for business again as soon as the authorities give us the go-ahead and the Coronavirus lockdown eases.

Social distancing during this coronavirus outbreak continues to be our primary consideration. Our boats will be operating at a significantly reduced capacity.

We are currently waiting for final confirmation from the relevant authorities as to the number of passengers we can allow to board. This blog post will be updated as soon as we know more.

Nafsika II Capacity pre-coronavirus [120 passengers]. With social distancing requirements, our new capacity will be confirmed.

Koulla capacity pre-coronavirus [49 passengers]. With social distancing, our new capacity will be confirmed.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Procedures on board Nafsika II and Koulla, Cyprus Mini Cruises

We have implemented several measures to be taken before any boarding of the boats commences. This ensures the safety of customers and staff alike. Including:

  • Customers will have their temperature tested using a certified device (thermometer gun).
  • We ask all passengers to sanitize their hands and if they also wish to use the gloves and masks provided.

When onboard both Nafsika II and Koulla, coronavirus procedures are:

  • All crew will be wearing masks and gloves
  • The entire team will have regular covid-19 (coronavirus) tests
  • Hand sanitizer is located outside all bathrooms.
  • Owing to the reduced number of passengers allowed, customers will be able to maintain social distancing on both decks of Nafsika II and the main deck of Koulla.
  • Following each cruise, both boats are cleaned and sanitized. We use a misting-spray to guarantee the destruction of 99.9% of any bacteria.

These measures together are designed to ensure customers can still enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable cruise along the Akamas peninsula.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Procedures on board Nafsika II and Koulla, Cyprus Mini Cruises

Outside in the open air, you are at significantly lower risk of contracting any virus.

It is worth remembering that you cannot catch coronavirus when swimming in the sea. Infection rates are markedly higher in enclosed areas such as small shops, offices, and factories with inferior air circulation. 

However, we advise you not to be too close to people you do not know. To wash your hands when you visit the bathrooms. And, to wash your hands when handling the stair rails, doorknobs, tables etc. And, of course, to wash your hands before eating.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Procedures on board Nafsika II and Koulla, Cyprus Mini Cruises

If you need any further information, please call us on +357 99 302 879 or to email us info@cyprusminicruises. 

Don’t forget to check our Facebook page that is updated regularly. You can find it at

We wish all of you a safe and happy return to normality. However long that takes.

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Please see our post about Cruising The Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas Peninsula – our boat trip (and more)

Cruising the Akamas Peninsula on a boat direct from Latchi harbour

Cruising the Akamas Peninsula was on our bucket list for our trip to Cyprus in 2019. It really is a dramatic coastline. Enormous cliffs looming over the wonderfully clear water creating beautiful reflections. The backdrop is immense.

The first cruise we took was on board Nafsika II. She is a large, modern and comfortable boat and the sister boat of the traditional Koulla BBQ Boat (more on that later). Amiably captained by Philippos and Theo – who have a wealth of knowledge to share with Nafsika II passengers regarding the ancient history of the coastline and Cyprus. And they have many personal anecdotes that have people smiling and laughing throughout the boat trip. They are very friendly and are fun to be around. 

Nafsika II - #Latchi Boat Trip, Cyprus Mini Cruises
Theo, George and Philippos

Moreover, their staff are well-trained in seamanship and qualified in administering first aid. Both boats have safety equipment installed, so; you can enjoy your trip, knowing that you are perfectly safe. 

Cyprus Mini Cruises (the company that owns Nafsika II and Koulla) are well known for providing unparalleled and enjoyable cruises from Latchi harbour over the past four decades. The company was first started by their Grandfather Giangos.

Your NAFSIKA II Captains "Phillip & Theo" - Latchi Boat Trip

We took the afternoon Cruise on Nafsika II, and this trip includes a BBQ meal on board while anchored in the idyllic Blue Lagoon.

The BBQ was delicious and accompanied by a lovely salad and local wine. And what a venue is the Blue Lagoon. A stunning bay that is not at all developed, not a single building in sight. It has a tiny sandy beach in the middle of the bay on which we noticed some people sunbathing who had obviously made their way here overland. In the distance, you can just see the dust of four-wheel drive vehicles making their way across the Akamas Peninsula. We’ve seen the road though, and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

For us, a relaxing cruise, a swim, lunch and then return to Latchi harbour for a light dinner made perfect sense.

We’re so glad that we found this particular boat trip. From what we have been told both Nafsika II and Koulla have undergone numerous modifications and upgrades throughout the years. And they are both very smart indeed. They have become symbols of quality throughout the entire Latchi trip boat fleet.

The Akamas Peninsula Koulla | Cyprus Mini Cruises

Koulla is a traditional fishing boat with space for 49 passengers: and uniquely the only trip boat of its kind in Latchi…

…whereas Nafsika II has recently been refitted and can take up to 120 passengers on each cruise.

On the day we arrived in Latchi from Paphos we intended to sail on Koulla, but she was full; so, we decided to go on Nafsika II. We’re really pleased we did. It was excellent. And, a week later, we just had to come back, so we reserved the next cruise on Koulla. Consequently, we have been lucky enough to have experienced two very different journeys.

The BBQ Boat Koulla in Latchi Harbour - Cyprus Mini Cruises, #latchi boat trips

Koulla is just lovely. A quaint and cosy fishing boat that is beautifully designed. Her lines, you can see, were made by a craftsman.

Redolent in blue and White in that typical Cypriot (Greek) way she is a delightful boat. You can see that all the passengers thoroughly enjoyed their experience too. Again. What a fantastic BBQ we had on board. Just delicious, perfectly cooked, and the setting is just magical.

The Akamas Peninsula Nafsika II | Cyprus Mini Cruises

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the loveliest places in Cyprus. Its crystal clear and shallow waters make for safe fun even for swimmers with limited ability. Its clarity makes it possible for you to see the seabed while floating around on a boat. Of course, it can be accessed by foot, bikes and 4-wheeled drive, but the beauty of the lagoon is best viewed from a boat. 

The next time we take a cruise with Cyprus Mini Cruises, we’re going for the sunset cruise. We’ve heard they are breathtaking as the sun disappears over the Akamas. Our next bucket list awaits.

The Akamas Peninsula | Cyprus Mini Cruises

The Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas peninsula covers about 230 square kilometres and interestingly, it is named after the mythical son of Theseus (a hero of Greek legend known for slaying a man-beast). Fortunately for tourists and for those who want to go cruising in this fascinating region, it has remained untouched by the rapid property development that has taken hold in Cyprus. 

The Akamas peninsula possesses a variety of exciting things to see.

Remote sandy beaches, deep gorges and valleys underline an outstanding coastline. These fantastic features attract visitors that are looking for something a little different from mainstream tourism. It is a beautiful landscape, with crystal-clear blue waters, pines trees and flowers & fauna, some of which can only be found in Cyprus. Indeed, you shall become nature’s guest when you visit the Akamas peninsula. 

Of course, this region is ready to be explored not only by sea, but also by hiking, cycling, or four-wheeled jeep safari and quad bikes. There are many lovely places to explore throughout this beautiful area.

While in the north-west Coast of Cyprus we visited other exciting places.

Latchi, Polis Chrysochous and the Beach

It may not be the most beautiful white sand that you find in Ayia Napa, but you can have much of it to yourself – all day long. And that is worth a lot more in our opinion. We were here in late June, and we could see people in the far distance on sun-loungers at La Plage, but otherwise, it was deserted. The breathtaking panorama of Chrysochous bay is definitely something you’d want to share with your family. And, we were very happy to have it all to ourselves.

The Akamas Peninsula Chrysochous Bay looking back to Latchi Harbour | Cyprus Mini Cruises
Chrysochous Bay looking back to Latchi Harbour

The beach is around 30-40m wide and just under 2km long. Stretching from just outside Latchi Harbour along to Polis Campsite – where we enjoyed sundowners right on the beach.

In fact, the beach continues after the campsite passed the Natura Beach hotel (now that is a lovely deserted beach) and onto the Pier at Limni. After that, it narrows considerably but continues into the distance, passed Argaka and, in patches all the way to Pomos. The Latchi and Polis beach is a mixture of mostly sand with some stretches of pebbles. The shoreline shelves gently into the sea, and if you pick the right spot, it’s sandy all the way in.

Otherwise, you can be seen doing a kind of weird dance getting in and out as you stumble over pebbles. But it’s not uncomfortable. The newly extended breakwater makes for very calm water that gently laps onto the shore. And the temperature of the sea is gorgeously warm, while still refreshing. The water is incredibly clear too. We saw many small fish and even the odd starfish.

The Akamas Peninsula Turtle Nests | Cyprus Mini Cruises
Loggerhead Turtles making their way out of the nest

There are many turtle cages also. Like the more famous Lara beach on the other side of the Akamas Peninsula, Latchi and Polis are a nesting sites for Green and Loggerhead turtles.

They hatch in August and September and apparently you have to be on the beach very early if you hope to glimpse them struggling to the sea. Remember though, not to pick up the baby turtles and put them directly into the water. Part of their arduous trip is recorded in their memory for when it is time to return and lay their own eggs. There is a story about these rare creatures on this link.

The Akamas Peninsula Lara Beach | Cyprus Mini Cruises

Lara Beach, Akamas Peninsula

An isolated and a golden sandy bay that is simply stunning. Lara beach was protected by the Cypriot government in 1971. It is the most well-known site for turtle nests in the whole of Cyprus. Like the beach in Latchi and Polis, it’s quite remarkable that in such a popular travel destination as Cyprus, you can still find somewhere to get away from it all. And, what a beach to do that on. The sand is deep and soft, and the beach is vast and long. You can see why it’s a favourite with Turtles. 

There is a little information building (shack) with lots of interesting information about both Green and Loggerhead Turtles. We were so pleased to read such positive measures in place to care for what are becoming an increasingly endangered species.

The Akamas Peninsula Avakas Gorge | Cyprus Mini Cruises

Avakas Gorge

Although not the scale of other famous gorges around the world, the Avakas Gorge feels kind of special. It was created by a stream of water that flowed over the limestone for more than a thousand years. You’ll find the gorge at the beginning of the Akamas Peninsula, and it is notable for its sheer natural beauty. Indeed, it is a rare masterpiece.

The Avakas Gorge is famous for its richness in fauna and flora. It is a natural wonder that offers a great view if you enjoy taking long walks. A variety of trees including cypresses, oaks, junipers and wild fig trees fringe the edges of the gorge. 

However, the Avakas Gorge is also rich in animal life. At the canyon, you’ll see hares, foxes, crows, falcons, various reptiles as well as mountain goats.

Final Thoughts…

In summary, embarking on a boat trip to the Akamas peninsula with the guys at Cyprus Mini Cruises is a truly memorable experience. It provided us with a whole new perspective on holidaying in Cyprus. We gather that Nafsika II also hold wedding receptions on-board. Our daughter, who is thinking of getting married in Cyprus in the next year or so thinks that it would be an excellent idea for a bridal cruise. You can even take a ‘renew your vows’ cruise – but I’ll keep that quiet I think! 😉

This part of Cyprus may well be the last area that survives mainstream tourism, so visit now. You’ll be glad that you did.

A blog post by Bob Pointer

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Why visit Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula?

There are many reasons to visit Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula.

And, when you visit Latchi to take a boat trip on Koulla or Nafsika II you couldn’t fail but to fall in love with our coastline. And, hopefully, with us too.

Did you know?

Koulla is the only traditional passenger vessel in Latchi.

It’s easy to see why so many people choose the Koulla for their boat trip along the Akamas. She’s a stunning ‘old’ boat. Full of character. And, has been taking people to the Blue Lagoon since 1982 when our Grandfather Captain Giangos founded our family-owned business.

We’re all about family. We take approximately 3,000 people to the Blue Lagoon throughout August each year. If you take into account that we sail from April until November; since 1982 almost 700,000 people have sailed on Koulla alone. That’s simply amazing. And, hopefully, we’ve helped to create some memories that will last a lifetime. We hope so.

Nafsika II is our superb, modern and well-equipped larger boat.

She’s been refitted to provide you with something a little extra-special. When you visit Latchi you’ll quickly realise that there isn’t another boat like her.

With a 120 passenger capacity, she’s a fabulous boat for larger groups and parties. The views from the fully-shaded sun-deck (up top) are stunning.

Philipos and Theo along with the rest of the crew guarantee that you are in safe (and experienced) hands. They will be able to give you a lot of information too on Latchi and the surrounding areas. Including the history of the coastline, and about Cypriot lifestyle and food. We’re especially keen on the food.

Whether you travel on Koulla or Nafsika, the food is exquisite. All 100% natural and organic from their own farmland in the Polis Chrysochous area. So, this food doesn’t travel far at all. Which ensures it is gorgeously fresh. Every day!

Koulla Cruises from Latchi Harbour

  • 10.30 – 15.00
  • 16.00 – 20.00*

Nafsika Cruises from Latchi Harbour

  • 10.30 – 13.00
  • 13.15 – 15.45
  • 16.00 – 20.00*


When you book in advance get a discount on cruise tickets. Adults €15 and Children (aged 5-12 years) just €10.00 – it definitely pays to plan a little in advance. Get in touch via email at to book your tickets. Or call…
  • Theo +357 99 302 879 ( English ,Greek)
  • Christina +357 99 675 306 (English, Greek)
  • Mira +357 96 323 754 (Russian,English)

When you visit Latchi you will find us between Y&P Restaurant and Latchi Plaza restaurant which are at the end of the harbour next to the Police Station. Look for our yellow & blue ticket stall.

Sunset Cruises are available on both Nafsika II and Koulla

… ask us for more information

Planning a Special Occasion?

… click here for more information

What will you see, and do when you visit Latchi?

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Recent Review

Reviewed 4 days ago via mobile

We booked the morning short trip for 10.30. It was myself my mum and 3 children aged 10,8 and 2. We booked it online before we went to Cyprus and we got a cheaper deal usually it’s €20 per adult but we got it for €15 per adult and €10 per child and I didn’t need to pay for my 2 years old he went free of charge. When we arrived we checked in and paid and got on the boat which is a lovely looking boat the nafsika ll. The boat has a bar, toilets, changing areas and a water hose to wash off after swimming. On the way to the blue lagoon, they pointed out the different scenery on the way. When we arrived at the blue lagoon it was amazing.

The water was clear blue you could see the bottom. The boat stops quite far from the shore so you do have to swim out a bit and you cannot touch the floor. They offer life jackets and snorkel kits. I am a good swimmer but I used a life jacket and put one on my 2-year-old and I put him on my chest and swam on my back to the shallow end and it worked fine. We got an hour swimming and then swam back to the boat and waiting for us was wine, juice and fruit.

It was a lovely experience and definitely recommend this trip when in Cyprus

Recent Review

Reviewed 3 weeks ago

We had the Koulla experience last year & had a great time. BBQ was plentiful but the day was a little too long for our then 3 yr old-he slept all the way back! This year we had the Nafsika experience & I have to say that the timings suited us better, especially as we went with my mum & stepdad.

We still got a good hour swimming & you really can’t get any better waters. Drinks & fruit as much as you want. Would really like to do the sunset sail next year. Do book well in advance as they are all very popular trips.

Recent Review

Reviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile

On my first visit to Cyprus, I asked in my hotel if they could recommend any tours. There are different options. Trips to different destinations, at different times of day on different boats.

It’s worth having a good read of the brochures and ask for all the information to find the right option for you. They may all seem similar, but they don’t all stop at the same destinations.

I decided on the traditional boat, Koulla. It was excellent value for money at €25 per person. The cruise lasted from 10.30am-3pm and included a BBQ meal.

The main destination was the blue lagoon to stop for swimming in the beautiful clear waters. Other points of interest were pointed out to us on the way, but no other stops were made.

We arrived at the lagoon after 11 and there was plenty of time to enjoy the clear waters while the BBQ was prepared on the boat. We were then called back on the boat to eat and were served enormous portions of salad, couscous, yoghurt, meat and garlic bread. Everything was delicious. Wine and orange squash was also included with the meal. Other drinks during the cruise came at an extra cost (water, beer, other soft drinks, etc). but there is nothing stopping you from bringing your own water on board.
We were even offered extra portions of meat, which was cooked to perfection and well seasoned.

Fresh watermelon was also offered after the meal. The boat was busy, but in my opinion not overcrowded.  There was plenty of time to enjoy the lagoon before and after the meal and didn’t feel rushed at all.

It was a great experience to spend the day in beautiful surroundings. The music on the boat on the way to the lagoon was mainly Greek, a good mix of older and more modern songs. On the way back the music was more tourist orientated. I didn’t mind it so much, but some of the people appeared to have indulged in a bit too much of the wine and were dancing and singing along loudly. Personally, I preferred the music on the way to the lagoon, but do understand they need to cater to different tastes, so that it is enjoyable for everyone.

It was one of my favourite activities during my time in Cyprus. The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, I felt they were experienced, which also made me feel safe and I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Blue Lagoon Video


The Blue Lagoon Video

Hello, we’re your Nafsika II captains’ Phillip and Theo (‘the good looking one‘). We hope you enjoy this short blue lagoon video of Nafsika II cruising to the Akamas Peninsula.

We’ve been sailing for years along the Akamas Coastline. We can tell you about the famous people that have lived (and loved) this region since antiquity. Don’t be shy. Whatever you want to know, please just ask us.

We cruise two to three times per day.

Morning from 10.30, afternoon Cruises from 4pm, and Sunset Cruises. All direct from Latchi Harbour. You’ll enjoy a relaxing and interesting cruise along the Akamas Peninsula. We’ll stop in the famous Blue Lagoon where you can swim and relax in the amazing azure blue water. It’s not very deep, has a sandy bottom and, is wonderfully warm. If you’re not the best swimmer, don’t worry. We have lifevests and flotation aids freely available on every trip.

Included on both Nafsika II and Koulla is a terrific traditional Cypriot BBQ. Including Pork or Chicken, Salad, Wine and/or Juice. Additional alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available for an extra charge. If you have any specific dietary needs, please let us know before we depart and we’ll do our best to cater for you. Both our boats are fully insured. Your safety is paramount!

Nafsika II Half-Day Cruises:

  • 10.30 – 13.00
  • 14.00 – 17.00
  • 16.00 – 20.00*

Koulla Full-Day Cruises:

  • 10.30 – 15.00
  • 16.00 – 20.00*

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Discover The Blue Lagoon

Discover the Blue Lagoon in 2018

Last year, thousands of people sailed the Akamas Peninsula with us; and they were left with memories that will last a lifetime. This year, we are even better!

A unique and unbeatable experience awaits. We’ll make sure that your holiday is unforgettable. Sail away with us, relax and unwind; and embrace the Cypriot lifestyle. Enjoy our hospitality on board with our Famous BBQ, organic produce from our own fields, and local village wine. Daily cruises are available on the original (and traditional) BBQ Boat “Koulla” and on “Nafsika II” – the envy of Latchi.

This year we are celebrating 36 years since our grandfather Giangos started the business in 1982. We are known island-wide as the largest and oldest family-run cruising company. We cruise daily to the Blue Lagoon on Koulla (10.30-15.00 and 16.00-20.00), and on Nafsika II (10.30-13.00, 14.00-17.00 and sunset cruises 16.00-20.00). You can also hire either boat for special occasions, including Wedding Celebrations, Stag and Hen parties or for any other event you are planning.

To book a cruise: email us at or call:

  • Theo +357 99 302 879 ( English ,Greek)
  • Christina +357 99 675 306 (English, Greek)
  • Mira +357 96 323 754 (Russian,English)

So join us, and meet people you will never forget; on a day you will always remember!


*sunset cruises

Nafsika II Half-Day Cruises:

  • 10.30 – 13.00
  • 14.00 – 17.00
  • 16.00 – 20.00*

Koulla Full-Day Cruises:

  • 10.30 – 15.00
  • 16.00 – 20.00*

What will you see?

  • Baths of Aphrodite
  • St. George’s Church
  • St. George’s Island
  • Blaji Bay (ancient Amphitheatre)
  • Manolis Sea Caves
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Fontana Amorosa

Sunset Cruises are available on both Nafsika II and Koulla

… ask us for more information

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Discover The Akamas Peninsula on a
Latchi Boat Trip with Cyprus Mini Cruises

Be part of our family owned business that was founded by our Grandfather Captain Giangos in 1982.


Travelling in a larger party? You’ll love our ‘group discounts’ – give us a call to tell us when you want to come, and we’ll take care of the details. If it’s a special occasion – let us know and we’ll help you with any arrangements. Looking forward to seeing you.

Nafsika II ‘The Envy of Latchi’ Half-Day Cruises

Nafsika II Half-Day Cruises

Join us every morning & afternoon on a half-day cruises from Latchi Harbour. Sail in the serene waters of the Mediterranean along the coastline of the Akamas Peninsula and Nature Reserve.

Nafsika II drops her anchor in the crystal clear waters of the ‘Blue Lagoon’ so that you can swim or just relax for an hour. Whilst we’re there, we’ll serve you fresh fruits, wine & juice free of charge.

Nafsika II Half-Day Cruises:

  • 10.30 – 13.00
  • 14.00 – 17.00
  • 16.00 – 20.00*


*sunset cruises

What will you see?

  • Baths of Aphrodite
  • St. George’s Church
  • St. George’s Island
  • Blaji Bay (ancient Amphitheatre)
  • Manolis Sea Caves
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Fontana Amorosa

Sunset Cruises are available on both Nafsika II and Koulla

… ask us for more information

The BBQ Boat “Koulla” Full Day Cruise

Honestly? There is nothing like having a BBQ in the Blue Lagoon on The BBQ Boat – “Koulla”

Unbelievably delicious food served on the famous Koulla Traditional BBQ Boat, in one of the most beautiful spots in Cyprus.

On the way; star-crossed lovers will be drawn to the Baths of Aphrodite, marvel at the amazing Blaji bay, (Amphitheatre), St. George’s Island, the caves at Manolis and the spectacular Fontana Amoroza

Whilst you relax. We’ll cook you our stunning and traditional Cypriot BBQ with only the best fresh (and organic) ingredients. It’s what we’re known for!

Enjoy our seasonal organic fruit and vegetables from our own fields.

On The BBQ Boat Full Day Cruise we provide:

  • BBQ (Chicken or Pork kebab)
  • Delicious Garlic Bread
  • Couscous
  • Village Salad
  • Olives
  • Greek Yoghurt
  • Local Village Wine (red or white)
  • Orange Squash
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruits

Organic produce from our own fields

Come and meet people you will never forget…

… on a day you will always remember!

Boat Trip Blue Lagoon

Boat trip Blue Lagoon. Come and enjoy our daily cruises to the blue lagoon on Nafsika II; the most modern boat in Latchi Harbour. And, on the traditional Cypriot Boat “Koullla” (the famous BBQ Boat) with Cyprus mini Cruises. The number one choice for boat trips to the blue lagoon and the Akamas peninsula from Latchi Harbour.

We’ll be sailing again from March 2018

  • Enjoy an amazing 4 1/2 hour BBQ cruise starting from 10:30 until 3 pm on the Koulla Traditional Boat.
  • The Nafsika II half-day cruises (morning & afternoon) are a fabulous choice for people with a little less time.
Your NAFSIKA II Captains "Phillip & Theo" - Latchi Boat Trip
NAFSIKA II - The Lounge, Relaxation with a superb lunch, #latchi

What will you see?

During the cruise you’ll visit the Baths of Aphrodite, Saint George’s island, the sea caves at Manolis bay, Blaji bay, Fontana Amoroza and the famous Blue Lagoon. We stop at Blue Lagoon for swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

Eating and Drinking

Whilst you relax, the captain will prepare a traditional Cypriot barbecue with ‘Souvla‘, fresh fruits and wine. Beer and non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Getting to Latchi

Check out the ‘map’ above, or use google maps and search for “Akamas Cyprus Mini Cruises” you can also get to Latchi by bus. As follows: 618 Paphos Harbour to Karavella : 645 Karavella to Polis : 622 Polis to Latchi. Or, 648 Coral Bay to Polis : 622 Polis to Latchi

Our Recent Reviews…

We went to the Blue Lagoon with Koula, it was a great trip we really enjoyed it. Swimming in the crystal clear water is amazing!

– Samuel C

I went on Koulla traditional boat for the sunset trip. It was really beautiful. We stayed 2 hours and half on the blue lagoon, to swimming in the really clear water and after we had the barbecue cooked on the boat ! You can smell it when you are swimming ! And finally we saw a really nice sunset on the way back !

– Valsnchl, Lille France

Four of us took the afternoon boat trip and it was enjoyed by all.
Swimming in the Blue lagoon was perfect, while the BBQ was being prepared. The chicken and pork was delicious as was the salad and cuscus etc. Red and white wine was plentiful to help yourself too, also an orange soft drink. There was even seconds of the chicken etc., excellent value for money.

– Clive, Paphos

Loved this trip on traditional boat Koula. Fabulous value for mone and really tasty food. Highly recommend this company.

– Pir, London

Nafsika II & Koulla Testimonials

Nafsika II & Koulla Testimonials

We make dreams come true! Take a look at our incredible Nafsika II & Koulla Testimonials from ‘real people’ enjoying ‘real life’ experiences and fantastic memories aboard our boats. We cruise everyday to The Blue Lagoon, cruising along the famously beautiful Akamas Peninsula with it’s breathtaking scenery. Unbelieveably delicious BBQ on-board, music, and knowledgeable & safety conscious staff; to make your day!

If you want a #latchi boat trip – come to Cyprus Mini Cruises on Koulla & Nafsika II

Read more about us here!


Blue Lagoon trip on the Koulla

4 of us took the afternoon boat trip and it was enjoyed by all.
Swimming in the Blue lagoon was perfect, while the BBQ was being prepared. The chicken and pork was delicious as was the salad and cuscus etc.. Red and white wine was plentiful to help yourself too, also an orange soft drink. There was even seconds of the chicken etc., excellent value for money.

Clive, Paphos

Absolutely beautiful day

Stunning cruise for a few hours, blue lagoon was the perfect spot for an hours swimming. Crystal clear waters and complimentary snorkel hire was fantastic, and fresh fruit and wine topped the excursion off perfectly! Very easy communication with staff prior to the trip also, we will definitely go back! Thank you!

A. Potter, Bristol

Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon

We got the information for their website and dialed the number to book. Theo took our booking, they didn’t even ask for a deposit, we just paid on the day. We met at Latchi Port at 10am and set sail at 10:30. We sailed passed St George’s church and the Aphrodite Baths before arriving to the Blue Lagoon. It took around 40 minutes. We stayed at the Blue Lagoon to swim for an hour before heading back which again took around 40 minutes. There was a bar onboard and the staff were very helpful. They have got snorkels and masks to use whilst swimming at no charge, just a small deposit in which they return in full. We arrived back in Latch Port around 1pm and went to one of the local restaurants for lunch. The boat we sailed on was Nafsika II which had toilets and a changing room. Great little boat trip, not too long and not too short. Definitely recommend.

Sarah, Cumbria

Souvla on the Koulla!! Amazing!!

We did the afternoon trip to the Blue Lagoon on the Koulla and it was one of the best things we did on our whole trip! 4 hrs of pure bliss! Great crew! Amazing Souvla and food all while you have a swim at the beautiful Blue Lagoon! My kids absolutely loved it! We loved it! Thank You!! Highly Recommend It!

Emsy, Sydney

Very impressive

We had the pleasure of going on the Koulla boat yesterday on a cruise to the blue lagoon.We were a party of 17 people from South Africa.It was a fantastic experience.The 2 people in charge of the boat and the souvla (Greek BBQ)were absolutely amazing. Christakis and Paraskeva were extremely helpful,generous and obliging. They could not do enough for the passengers. If you ever visit Cyprus ,do yourself a favour and do this 4 hour cruise where you also get the opportunity to swim at the blue lagoon.


Leisurely cruise to the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon

Although there are numerous tour stands offering cruises to the Blue Lagoon in Latchi’s marina (mind you most are lined up beside one another and ask you to join them as you walk past), my partner and I decided to go with Mini Cruises because it was a family run business (and we love to support the local community whenever travelling). We booked into to the Nafsika II half day cruise with Theo and his crew. It was the middle of the day, the sun was shining, the water was crystal clear and everyone aboard was very friendly (a mixed bag of both domestic and international travellers).

The family run business has a lovely story about Theo’s entrepreneurial Grandfather, Captain Giangos, who started to offer tours to his friends to see the Blue Lagoon back in 1982. He was a fishermen at the time but soon enough began to operate commercial tours. I can understand why, especially after visiting the lagoon myself. It’s stunning. Best described as a majestic and the water was delightful. I felt like I was on the film set for the 1980 Randal Kleiser classic. Highly recommend this tour, we had a very relaxing day and would love to visit again soon.

Wheresmilie, London

Blue lagoon cruise

Loved this trip on traditional boat Koula. Fabulous value for mone and really tasty food. Highly recommend this company.

Pir, London

Fabulous trip

We went on the afternoon trip which was just perfect. Not too busy in comparison to what I’d expect of the full day trip and the amount of time on the boat was just enough. Been on a few trips like this before but must say, this was the most professional and very well organised, especially when the food was ready. Was delicious. Our stopping time at the Blue Lagoon was just right and was gorgeous to be there at Sunset. Plenty of shade available on deck and the staff were great. No issues with anything at all – would definitely recommend this trip.

Nessiono, Newport

Perfect day at Blue Lagoon with Koulla boat!

We took the Koula traditional boat to Blue Lagoon Akamas. Everything was perfect! The food was very good, the waters at Blue Lagoon were crystal clear, and the boat’s staff (Paraskevas) was very friendly and funny! We absolutely loved it!


Good value day out

First time on the koulla for the 4 1/2 hours Blue lagoon trip. The boat is supper clean and crew are very helpful, pleasent trip from Latchi up the coast to the Lagoon, great couple of hours anchored for swimming whilst they prepered the souvla lunch which was excellent then back to town spot on time, have to say this is a very well run vessel ideal for all ages, no blaring music or inaudible tanoy at all and the food was fantastic. Recommended for sure and we will do this trip again.

A.S. Cleethorpes

Beautiful trip

We booked by phone for a 4pm cruise on the Koulla traditional boat. Middle of August so quite busy with a full boatload of 40, but still extremely pleasant. The staff are friendly, the food gorgeous, and the Blue Lagoon beautiful. Take your own water & snacks if you have children as the food doesn’t come out til about 6.30, and my daughter needed something before then. We took our own snorkels but actually there’s not much to see as most of the rocks where the fish are are nearer the shore, away from the Koulla mooring site. Ok if you feel like a bit of a swim but our girls wanted to stay near the boat as the water was too deep to stand. They enjoyed jumping off the boat into the sea, and as we’d gone in the afternoon it wasn’t too hot, and we got a beautiful sunset on the way home. Really worth €25 adult, €15 child fee. A highlight of our holiday.

Rachel, Birmingham

Trip to Blue Lagoon

Initially we thought to drive to Blue Lagoon by car (staying in Kissonerga). But after reviewing recommendations regarding the road from Latchi to the place, decided to take a tour from Latchi harbor with Nafsika II Mini Cruises. The boat itself is at a very good condition. The boat crew is taking care about guests all the way through. Around 30 min to Blue Lagoon, 2,5 hours for swimming/bbq-ing and 30 min back to the port. It’s crystal clear water indeed there!!

Olika, St. Petersburg

Excellent excursions

We took an evening cruise with meal , great value for a 4 hr trip with a BBQ for €25 each. Great service both from staff at kiosk and on board , food was good and plentiful although common with a lot of Cyprus there’s little option for vegetarians . Lovely trip out to blue lagoon where you’re anchored for 2 1/2 hrs and snorkelling and float equipment is supplied, Thoroughly enjoyed and will definitely use again .

Reece W

Thank you to “Gtiger” (Aug 2017) for the terrific photo.